Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lets Talk Trains

LIVE from SilverRails Country, in LaPlata, Mo., Nathan of Kansas City will be hosting live at the Grand Opening of the SilverRails Gallery and Memorial Library.

Please join us as we will have a number of special guest, possibly including some of the featured artist and photographers who have their works displayed in the Gallery. Please join us!

Please join us at 10AM (Pacific time) on Saturday at> for the show.

And at> for the live chat room (which starts 15 to 30 minutes before show time. Please join us as this is your show! The call-in number for the show is 646-716-7106.

The LTT calendar for hosting shows has lots of openings. Please help make Let's Talk Trains informative and diverse in content. An email to is how to start. You will receive well-illustrated and helpful guides, advice and connections to other LTT Team members. This show is of, by and for us, fans of trains. You can help by sharing your knowledge, points of view and experience with the rest of us.

Again, start by emailing to>.

The LTT Team



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